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I am from Europe and got a green card through my (ex) husband. I would have also NEVER married someone to get the green card.However, we fell in love a loooong time before we got married AND I had a work visa when I got the green card, so nobody ever doubted my intentions IF I was a citizen and somebody asked me to help them out with a green card - I would NEVER do it, no matter how much money they'd offer me. This is how I see it: if I can't stay in this country legally, why should I want to stay at all? I love America, but my own country is not too shabby either I got the green card cause I was in love and wanted to be with him.No one knows for sure, but in the meantime, the crew discusses the film, Get Out. Got The Twitter: @wgtjpodcast, @autumnvoiceover, @Ry Ry504,... Murph of Why Not Sports, Flagrant 2, and Down With the DMs. Autumn and Jae from Just Say Words are two dope podcasters talking about podcasting. Get your 30 day free trial, with Audible, complete with a credit for a free audiobook download! In their first episode, Ryan & Autumn discuss being nosey, the country's reaction to Colin Kaepernick, and being hopeful about finding the right relationship. Perhaps, Autumn talks too much in this episode, but she couldn't help it. Guest: Singer-Songwriter, Rissi Palmer Topics: -Rissi and Autumn's friendship and its rocky start -Rocko's Modern Life -Boy Bands -Soul Retrieval Retreat w/ Yeradmi, Hasnaa, and Fran(aka Hey, Fran, Hey) -Rissi and Autumn's random outbursts Follow... Simone Mc Million graces We Got the Jazz with her presence.They discuss drunk personalities, the benefits of marriage, Autumn's case with a janky video producer, and more. Siblings Jasmine, Shaun, and Autumn get together and talk about almost everything. Guest, Ryan Ervin, gives the show some Bayou flavor; lets Autumn vent about a situation she's having with a difficult client; and helps Autumn work through her confusion about when you should ask the person you're dating deep questions. Simone and Autumn share childhood memories and petty stories, vent about unchecked behaviors, and talk about handsome men!Art director made programmer, Daniel creates artistic interactive experiences on devices and in public spaces where design is as important as technology.He is very intrigued by the infinite and random combinations that are produced when a system is opened to the public for them to transform it.“The collaboration and exchange with Tobias Ebsen has grown organically and is based on conversations and reflections we have on different topics or as we exchange opinions about projects we’ve seen.

The spectre of the satisfied consumer is terrifying: when satisfied we don’t want to buy any more, we are no longer seeking to market ourselves in a world where trends are ever-changing to keep us shopping.

Autumn talks about the challenges involved with giving emotional support. joinzipcar.com/jazz Donate: Connect: [email protected]/wgtjpodcast Got The Twitter: @wgtjpodcast, @autumnvoiceover, @Ry Ry504,... What to do when your roommate can't pay their share of rent. If all you wanna listen to is story time, we got you. 7 Ways Police Procedurals F$#% Up Your Perception of the Justice System intelexual.co/home/7-ways-police…he-justice-system/ Miranda Rights Info... Check out the Killing the Breeze podcast available on i Tunes. Autumn attempts to shed some light on how INFJ personality types use intuition. The crew talks about acting, Jack Daniels, Nearis Green, dating and relationships, and system justification. Got The Twitter and IG: @wgtjpodcast, @autumnvoiceover, @Ry Ry504Ryan wants to lay back. Both agree that Trump is the worst and everyone should watch 13th. Got The Twitter and IG: @wgtjpodcast and @autumnvoiceover Ryan and Autumn discuss a little bit of everything! Autumn wants people to chill with the Baltimore slander.

About our featured artist, Emanuel Harrold, and his single, Special Time (ft. Donate: Connect: [email protected]/wgtjpodcast Got The Twitter: @wgtjpodcast, @autumnvoiceover, @Ry Ry504, @smokehound_ent IG: @wgtjpodcast Police procedurals (cop shows). Autumn talks about what it means to be a Highly Sensitive Person. Got The Twitter: @wgtjpodcast, @autumnvoiceover, @Ry Ry504,... Get your 30 day free trial, with Audible, complete with a credit for a free audiobook download! Visit click the Blue Apron, Nature Box, and other affiliate links for great deals. Ryan and Autumn talk about Black History and Valentine's Day because it's February, duh. As such, Ryan and Autumn have the pleasure of interviewing, Blogger, Sonia Grace. Ryan and Autumn kick it with actor, Shaun Woodland. Donate: https:// Connect: [email protected]/wgtjpodcast... Ryan and Autumn talk about Von Miller, Baltimore naked pizza shop thief, the demise of men, Donald Trump, and online dating. Ryan and Autumn have the pleasure of interviewing NFL Analyst Ike Taylor. Ryan is ready for listeners to ask "Ry Ry." Connect: [email protected]/wgtjpodcast Twitter...

A living space can shape the experience of ‘living’ according to its size, layout, location, material of the walls and proximity to neighbors, to name a few.

When I create an experience I try to disrupt routines and suggest behaviors, and I do this by considering all of the same elements.” How do you envisage collaboration and exchange being utilised within your proposed project?


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