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2017 FOX WINTER TCA: L-R: Cast members David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel during the BONES panel at the 2017 FOX WINTER TCA at the Langham Hotel, Wednesday, Jan. CR: Frank Micelotta/FOX/Picture Group' David Boreanaz (Booth) and Emily Deschanel (Brennan) have been a match made in TV heaven. Deschanel: He was always creeped out by the mask things. There is a cadence and a rhythm that was always maintained with the two of us, finding that relationship in whatever moment we were working on. And to be able to play that character through all of those changes…even doing a series, which is obviously longer than a film where you have an hour and a half or two hours to explore a character. Sometimes it was really frustrating because we weren't appreciated by the network. But we never expected to go this long, but it happened. It's a testimony to everyone who came on the show—guest stars, people who were on the crew for a week or whatever—they all touched their energy into the show and made it move forward. Over a dozen seasons, the duo has portrayed Booth and Brennan as they transitioned from a spark-filled working relationship to something far more complicated to a family unit (with an eventual marriage). Deschanel: I took something and I gave it to David as a joke. It's really the hard work that took us on weekends away from our families to go back and give the writers or [series creator] Hart [Hanson] notes. But I also now realize they probably knew how strong we were and knew they could bounce us around to different times and we'd survive. Sometimes it goes so long you think it will never end, and then it does end at a certain point. The other day, I saw the two stages we worked in, and they have the plaques. From Episode 1 to Episode 6, 2 to 27, whatever it is, they all had impact. As winds down—with its series finale airing Tuesday, March 28—Boreanaz and Deschanel reflect on bringing the drama to its end. What were the emotions you had going through this final season, knowing it was the end, especially as you approached the very end? “I think people are going to be excited about my character. “[Hannah’s] not there to be part of a love triangle or create a big cat-fight or high school drama.She’s there because she truly does love Booth.” Hannah is a war correspondent who met Booth during his recent stint in Afghanistan.

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In a conference call with reporters, Katheryn talked about how much she likes her character (and hopes you will, too), and her enthusiasm was infectious.

Operating from an understanding of appreciating the moment and understanding what's there and using that and going forward.

For me, it's such a blessing and so fortunate to do what we've been able to do and show that and give it back to the fans who enjoyed it. Boreanaz: I'll never tell you what happened to him.

Katheryn is clearly delighted to be playing this character, although she is aware that she’s “causing a stir” among some fans by seeming to come between Booth and Brennan.

Still, she’s optimistic about how Hannah will be received.


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