Who is big john from rock of love dating

For some, having seen the footage from the show itself, they just want to sit in the back and try to cover their faces.But for others it is their last chance to air their histrionic antics in the most public way possible. The first hot mess that splashes across the screen is French, plastic surgery addicted stripper; Angelique.I like to think of the Rock of Love 2 Reunion show as the reward to having sat through the whole season.Not because it’s hosted by Heavy Metal expert Riki Rachtman, but because the girls know it is likely their last televised hurrah.She’s still a tranny disaster, but now she’s heard what Aubrey had to say about her during the show and she has a rebuttal.It’s about as sensible as we could expect from her as she yells that Aubrey looks like a rat on crack.Women compete to win the affections of Poison front man Bret Michaels.In the first two seasons, the ladies lived in Michaels' Hollywood Hills home, while Season 3 found the girlfriend wannabes traveling with the rocker aboard a tour bus.

I did watch the long-form trailer for this season: I'm going to try and extend my mastery of setting age over/unders for Comcast On Demand Video Dating to real Vegas-style oddsmaking.

Or maybe Ratt on crack, I can’t be sure with her accent. The next montage is all about Destiney and how she was eliminated for being a groupie. For her part, Destiney explains that she was not a groupie but has spent a lot of time hanging around the rock and roll lifestyle and understands what it means. It is interesting that she sticks to her guns about not being in love with Bret, revealing that she only spent about 2 hours alone with him in the month that she was there.

Aubrey tries to raise the question of Angelique’s gender but Bret got an eyeful on a few of the challenges and he confirms that she’s got female parts. She also makes it clear that it is because Bret was spending all his time with certain drama queens. There is also a very tearful montage about Destiney’s dad, who unfortunately succumbed to the cancer that had moved from his liver to his brain.

He's toured all over the world, sold 25 million records and hung out with some of the hottest women on the planet.

Now Bret Michaels is looking for that special girl who can compete with his one true love, the insatiable bitch goddess known as Rock & Roll.


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