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Zoya was sent to Oklahoma City because the two tiger subspecies are similar.The North Shore of Oahu is perhaps the most famous stretch of coastline in the world for surfers and extreme water sports enthusiasts.

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The other theory is that the name came from Starvation (Starve) Valley when bitter winters hit the valley in the late 1880s.

Since the summer of 1957, the radio telescope shown in the webcam image above has been probing the depths of space.

However, Jodrell Bank centre is not just about the famous Lovell telescope but is a whole set-up devoted to the thrill of space and space travel. It is the flagship of the Jodrell Bank Observatory which is part of the Department of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Manchester. This cam used to be trained on Unity House in Hanley - but what can you see now it's been demolished?

Originally settled in the late 1870's there are two theories that go along with Star Valley being named.

The first came when Mormon pioneers settled in the valley and it got its name by general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that proclaimed it the 'Star of All Valleys' because of its natural beauty.


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