Steps in validating a questionnaire

Trustwave provides on-demand compliance tools and data security solutions for the payment industry.

Introduction and Objectives: Measurement is an essential activity of medical science.

You're a business that has been asked to become PCI compliant by US Merchant Systems.

You may be thinking that a data breach could never happen to your company or that data security doesn't apply to you.

In today's world organisations need strategic goals and targets and clear measurements are needed to assess progress towards these goals.The Culture Map was developed by Erin Meyer a professor at INSEAD and an expert in cross-cultural management.She is the author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business (Public Affairs, 2014).In order to acquire data about people, objects, and events proper data collection tools need to be designed which can measure things of scientific interest.Questionnaire is one of the most important techniques to collect data.Composing of a questionnaire is always much more complex than expected and great attention is required to its flow, format and length.


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