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Instead, people will be able to verify their identity entirely digitally.How the document checking service will work The user will enter their details from their documents in the identity provider’s service.This might include providing details of official documents like a passport or driving licence.In the past, to check whether these documents were valid, an identity provider would have had to make a phone call, or physically look at the documents or a copy of them.Your Outlook add-in can send you an identity token, but before you trust the request you must validate the token to ensure that it came from the Exchange server that you expect.The examples in this article show you how to validate the Exchange identity token using a validation object written in C#; however, you can use any programming language to do the validation.This post is an introduction to the document checking service, part of GOV. If you're interested in the different documents and methods certified companies can use to verify you, you can read more in this post.

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After the user provides credentials, your application code will validate the user name and password and build user claims including user’s name, roles, etc. · Click Create Project button In the new project, open the Note that Use Sign In Cookies must be called before any external login providers.

Overall the process may seem complex, but each individual step is quite simple.

You can download the solution that contains these examples from the web at Outlook-Add-in-Java Script-Validate Identity Token.

Next, retrieve the authentication metadata document from the Exchange server and validate the signature attached to the identity token.

Finally, compute a unique identifier for the user by hashing the user's Exchange ID with the URL of the authentication metadata document.


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