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In this video we share a little-known option in NX Customer Defaults that allows for all components in an assembly to move subject to their degrees of freedom when a component in a subassembly is moved with Move Component.NX 11.0.1 offers the ability to show components from an assembly in a special “Isolate Window” that can be viewed alongside the main displayed part window.The menu will expand to this: And the system prompt in the bottom left will display as shown: Select the state that your sheetmetal part is currently in.If you select Fully Formed, it will initiate an unbend feature.This new functionality greatly enhances NX’s in-context design capabilities!

The Wild Horse spawn egg will only spawn zebras and tier 2 horses, in the same proportion as random herd spawning.These CAD importers are used to move MCAD data from programs such as Pro E/Creo, SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Inventor, UG NX, Solid Edge and CATIA (amongst many other MCAD modellers) into destination programs such as 3ds Max, Cinema-4D (C4D), Maya, Light Wave, Softimage (XSI), Unity and the Unreal Engine (via FBX, for VR/AR viewing), as well as all major 3D downstream 3D file formats such as Collada, Direct X, DGN, DXF/DWG, FBX, HOOPS/DWF-3D, JT Open, NGRAIN, Open Flight, OSG/IVE, PLY, Rhino/Open NURBS, Sketch Up, U3D (Acrobat-3D, 3D PDF), VRML1 2 X3D, Wavefront OBJ, XAML-3D, and XGL.For our common daily users, this module forms the MCAD back-bone to import from the most complex and massive STEP AP214 and AP203 files.Model Properties and click change next to flat state instances.The following menu will appear: And this system prompt will display in the bottom left: Select create from the menu, then type in the name for the flat instance of the part.Select #Info, #Mass Props while in the instance to calculate the mass property information.


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