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Not everyone is into talking dirty, some people just want to make friends.

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Over the course of three decades, Pierce’s organization, the National Alliance (NA), became a respected “brand” in the racist movement, with well-dressed, articulate supremacists recruiting union laborers, university students, soldiers and skinheads worldwide.Pierce, they say, ran naked around his compound, was obsessed with pornography (an industry he routinely blamed Jews for creating) and used his membership list as a dating service, trolling for twenty-something females foolish enough to apply for a “staff position” at the NA headquarters in rural West Virginia.In a 3,800 word essay published online and on Facebook, Gliebe’s ex-wife, Erika, alleged Pierce once tricked a young woman into a sexual relationship with him on the false promise of having a family with her.Unfortunately the lowest score here is one star, I'd be much happier giving them a lower score.I would not suggest for anyone especially an adult to use this chat, it is filled with foul mouthed children starting at 13 that use offensive language and talk about disgusting topics both gay and straight.The next you're attracted to girls, and guys disgust you.


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