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This post is a bit of link bait, plus a bit of something else. Now on to the 5 Ways To Have Sex With Your Apple i Phone Three reasons: Why do we love lists SO MUCH?

Even though it annoys me that so many people flock to posts like this simply because of a seductive headline (really – what kind of sex can you have with an i Phone – don’t worry that information is coming) I find myself doing the same thing – those of us in severe time crunches (basically everyone – who really has the time to really read a nice, long, 1000 word article with all sorts of research and background – an actual story in the real, true journalistic sense.) No, we see a cool, interesting, funny, stupid headline then tweet it, facebook it, pinterest it, etc. Are we trying to show how cool and plugged in we are with our friends? Why are you consuming this and not creating something of value instead. I mean are we really so time crunched that we have to bullet point everything into some photo heavy list of stuff with hardly any content. Forget the in-depth article detailing why you can’t find your true love – here’s a list of easy to digest points you will read and not follow to find it. Humans, typically, love it, and will read about it at every opportunity.

By contracting and releasing the pelvic floor muscle, these exercises were developed to improve your sexual health and bladder control.

Yes, in this article, we will reveal 5 ways in which to have sex with your i Phone.

There are no shortage of gizmos and apps already in the app store that track reproductive health data, and the updated Health Kit app will work with those apps and devices as well.The technology giant unveiled their latest handsets during an event in San Francisco yesterday, and while their polarising decision to do away headphone ports might have dominated most headlines, it was the accompanying advert’s portrayal of a gay couple – one resting his head casually on his boyfriend’s shoulder – which caught our eye.Led by openly gay CEO Tim Cook, Apple has long been a high-profile supporter of LGBT equality.First, we couldn't help but laugh at the reactions people had to Apple's new wireless Air Pods.Now, an image of what the new i Phone looks like with two dongles plugged in is circulating along with some equally hilarious commentary.The internet is like a never-ending hamster wheel of creativity.


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