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For the past 20 years, the MCAH program has gathered data, developed goals and objectives, developed partnerships and collaboratives and have implemented strategies to reduce teen birth rates and subsequent births to teens.

Public Health/MCAH continues this approach in reproductive health education through their relationships with health care providers, with the County Office of Education, the Youth Alliance, the YMCA, informal non-traditional classes done by Health Educators, and in group and one-on-one individual sessions conducted by Public Health Nurses." Women who wait to have children are more likely to finish high school, less likely to rely on public assistance, less likely to be poor as adults, and more likely to have children with better health and behavioral outcomes, she added.

M 80 yr 6,54 FARRELL, Florence Hennagen F 79 yr 16,168a GIBBS, Franklin A. F 84 yr 5,8 Mc GILLIVRAY, William M 81 yr 3,141 PARADICE, Selwyn J. 70 yr SILVA, Eliza Littlejohn F 61 yr 6,204 SPARLING, Edward M 85 YR 1,"S" STROHN, Frank M 1876 10 yr STROHN, James Spencer M 19 yr STROHN, Malchior M 75 yr STROHN, Natalie F 71 yr WILSON, E. M 1881 WILSON, John M 1902 WILSON, Mary F 1896 Location: Bitterwater area Abbreviations for Notes: DC = Death Certificate BP = Burial Permit RP = Removal Permit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAME SEX DEATH DATE AGE DEATH REG. If you have corrections, changes, additions, or find any links on this page that are not functioning properly, please contact the webmaster for prompt attention.

M 3,27 GREGGS, Samuel Warren M 69 yr 1,"G" HENNAGAN, Floyd Alves M 3 mo 5,294 HENNIGAN, Ellisworth Clarence M 61 yr 17,53a HENNIGAN, Reese R. Fred M 72 yr 1,"H" LAMOTHE, Joseph M 56 yr 8,235 MARSHAL, Joseph Souza M 56 yr 10,21 MARSHAL, Rose Grace F 40 yr 8,165b Mc CALL, Jimmy Dale Jr. NOTES LAST, First Middle M/F Day/Mo/Year yrs/mo Book, Page Source -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AKERS, Amanda Harlow F AKERS, Elsie F ASH, Josepha Cota F 84 yr 9,9b BP BALDWIN, John Morris M 20 yr 1,"B" DC BOUTELL, Arthur M 77 yr 13,250a Rock Marker BOUTELL, Elmer M 90 yr Alum Marker BOUTELL, George Washington M 87 yr 8,201 BP/Alum Marker BOUTELL, Susan Amanda F 93 yr 7,184 BP BOWDEN, (Baby) M BOWDEN, Mrs.

If you are called for jury duty, you will have many questions – from where you should report to what will happen during a trial if you are chosen to serve.

Most of these steps are set by state law and a few court rules.

If you are not selected, you have completed service and you will be excused.

Notify your employer the day you receive this summons.

We recognize that jury service may conict with your personal schedule.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAME SEX DEATH DATE AGE DEATH REG. 52 yr 1 BP RAMIREZ, M 4 dy 3,102b RAMIREZ, Antoni F 1 yr 3,111a REYES, Raymundo M 27 yr 5,22b ROBERTS, Willard Fiske M ? BP RODERIGO, Margarita Gomez F 24 yr 3,69a RODERIGO, Soledad F 4 mo 3,73a RUIZ, Margaretta F ? 3,12b RUIZ, Raymond M 25 yr 5,21a SALADONA, Irmona F 27 yr 5,17a SALAS, Clara F 2 yr 2,17b SALDANA, Alorina F 52 yr 5,17b SANCHEZ, Dimas M 23 yr 2,98a SANDOBAL, Ysabel F 2 yr 1 DC SLESCOVICH, Peter M 28 yr 1 SMITH, Ch.

LAST, First Middle M/F Day/Mo/Year yrs/mo Book, Page --------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUTNER, John Christian M 48 yr 2,94 CARDINAL, John M 77 yr 21,5a CLARK, Elizabeth F CLARK, George W. M 54 yr 4,14b VALDEVENITO, Jose M 70 yr 1 VAL DIEZ, George M ? 2,5a VERA, Eligeo M 31 yr 5,20a VILLANIENA, F 2 yr 3,11a WOO, Georgie M 2 yr 2,107a YRIARTE, Augustine M 3 dy 6,25a BPThis web page is maintained on behalf of the California portion of The USGen Web Project and is paid for by financial Supporters.


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