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"Instance-based prediction of heart-disease presence with the Cleveland database." [Web Link] Gennari, J.

Nadia Ponsones massaged the doctor's toes, one by one, waiting for him to fall asleep. on April 15, she called for the cab driver who had picked up her luggage earlier in the evening.

In the evening, dinner was served at the moment of his arrival. Though they met through the classifieds -- Atalla had placed an ad for a domestic -- they lived as husband and subservient wife. She described one thumping that dropped her to the floor: He kicked her as she covered her head, begging forgiveness.

Sometimes she spoon-fed him, so he wouldn't have the burden of lifting utensil to mouth. Four witnesses can attest to her bruises, say police, who arrested Atalla on suspicion of domestic violence.

During the investigation that followed, the Franklin County ICACTask Force learned that the Madison County Sheriff’s Office had recently received a complaint that Schwind had sexually assaulted a friend’s child in Madison County.

“Family” refers to any person(s) who plays a significant role in an individual’s life.Police forwarded the cases -- one for gross sexual imposition, the other for rape -- to the prosecutor's office.The real action at a Florida tennis match took place off the court.As it turns out, Ponsones was the fourth woman in less than a year to report him to authorities.Two nannies who lived with Atalla last summer complained that he had committed sex crimes against them.The Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and its affiliate agencies throughout the state were responsible for 21 arrests and 43 community outreach presentations to more than 3,400 individuals during April and May.


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