Serena dating white guy

They slander them about our skin colour (particularly dark skinned black women) calling them all sorts of derogatory things which leave them broken and so hurt.

They rebuild themselves from the hurt and begin to prosper in their own personal lives from their career to their health.

No one deserves to be humiliated and defamed this way.” according to Snopes.

We talk about how black men slander black women for all sorts of things from their ‘body counts’ to their own bodies to their hair to other countless things that are irrelevant.In addition, we also hear that interracial marriages are on the rise and the biracial population is booming.Yet a closer look at the statistics tells a different Scotty Reid, BTR News – In 2004, an email chain letter attributing comments to Serena Williams that were insensitive to Black men was particularly nasty. Williams announcing she had “stopped dating black guys” because “a white man is the only real choice for a successful black female.” The smeared was debunked by Snopes but Serena Williams seem to be especially offended that anyone would attribute such anti-black statements to her and that they were readily spread mainly by black blogs but includes even white-owned online platforms like The Grio apt to contribute to the racial click baiting for profits at the expense of high-profile public figures like Williams.About the 2004 smear, Williams stated, I would never, ever, under any circumstance, be so disrespectful.These are probably the same black men secretly living under the Kanye West motto of “And when you get on, he’ll leave your ass for a white girl.” Somehow, these men felt as if Serena Williams, the embodiment of the black woman, had not done her due diligence in giving enough black men a chance to be her Prince Charming.


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