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I love running on the street and practicing others sports. This website is specially for teenagers aged 13-17 years old. But I have twitter account bcoz almost all of the celebrities use twitter more than facebook. I can search beautiful places to take photos in other countries from Instragram. I am a bashful girl so I don't like talking to everybody face to face.

I like to read especially romance and fantasy books. This year I finish the school with my friends, our class is 3B. hi everyone , my name's Jian , i am from china , i like listening musics, watching moves and playing computer games, currently i have only wish :improve my English ! I spend most of the time studying and translating English short funny stories. I am trying to have a certificate in English in the future. I have a blog which is I write reviews about the books I've read.

To benefit from practice and reach your potential, you have to constantly challenge yourself. You are welcome to join our Learn English page for adults and post comments there: Hi everyone, I'm Gabrielle and I'm 17 years old. My favourites subjects are History and Arts, I love this subjects because I'm always in contact with books and I love books, they're my life! I also hate shopping for groceries because I don't know how to bargain. I obsessed with books, especially I love fantasy and dystopian books. I'm get married and I've two sons, a daughter and one dog called Bob. As you're older than that you are welcome to keep on using Learn English Teens materials, but please do NOT post any more comments as we must keep this strictly for teenagers to interact with each other. I hate doing exercises morning,so my health is not very good.I love musics too much, mainly One Direction (I'm Directioner) and Skrillex, my favourites songs are "Don't forget where you belong", "E. because command two languages are very interesting ! ( Ah, I also can sing Japanese and Korean songs,too. The first is " Crying on my shoulder", the second is " Stronger" and the third is " O so le mio - italian" My want to be a teacher teaching in a kindergarten because I love children and they are very ingenuous. I love listening to music, reading about Greek Mythology and everything about English literature. We The Kings and The Nbhd are my favourite bands but I love all types of music. But twitter is not popular like facebook in my country. I can find alot of beautiful and incredible photos on Instragram. I like reading book ( especial scientific book ) and I can sing English songs very well. Sitting in the silence of my own room and listen to countryside music really help me escape from the loneliness.If you’re 5’5″, maybe you shouldn’t set your sites on becoming an NBA center. Most other “limits” are cop-outs or relics of old misunderstandings about talent.


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