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"A Challenge of Love: The date."After his mission in Rouran, Minato returns to the village of Konoha with his team to deliver the report of the mission to Sandaime.However, Minato was a little anxious to get home, since he'd promised to take on a date to a certain redhead.One Dream Sim Dating Game One Dream is a dating simulation game where you can choose to play as either one of the twins, Nate or Natalie, and interact with upto 6 characters (supposed to be 8, but i got lazies) and work towards the ending and relationship of your choice. Dating Minato 4.64 First part of Dating Minato sim game!Thanks for reading ( and probarly trying the game ). Sorry, he's the reason I'll never finish a game like this .

Should you find them, please let me know through either a note or a comment, thank you very much!The DVD release ("Arjuna: Director's Cut") featured remastered video and sound, and a previously unbroadcast "Chapter 9".Subsequent re-runs of the series on Animax include the DVD-only episode.He knew that she would get in a bad mood if he doesn't arrive on time and he feared for his life.Kushina always had a very explosive temper, but there were times that proved to be quite the opposite. So don't go complaining about it -.-'' especially not the backgrounds.


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