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In this table you can see the top rated sites like Chatroulette by Alexa rank.

Alexa is a website that measures how many people access individual sites.

if you have a "dial-up" connection, Skype will USE YOUR bandwidth and YOU WILL BE CHARGED by your ISP if they use more than your monthly allowance.

I rarely make any comments in the rooms but while having lunch or watching TV, I let Eyeball run most of the day on another computer and occasionally take a look at the chatter.

‘If it’s got a little dot sticker then that means it’s got a piece of music to it that me and Warren [Ellis, his chief collaborator] have made, and that’s the name of the piece of music in our file.

And that’s how it’s done,’ he says, fiddling fussily with the stickers.

Earlier this summer, shortly after winning an Ivor Novello Award for his last album, Push the Sky Away, Nick Cave is in his house in Brighton, preparing to go on tour in America with his band, the Bad Seeds. He has, he admits, worn a tracksuit, but if he wears it on the tour bus, the others all throw things and call him Coach, so he has stopped that now.

There are some sharpish-looking suits hanging up on a rail in the kitchen, specially made by Cave’s tailor in London; they are angular and beetle-black, elegantly striped, button on the hip: some are for the daytime, some for the stage. The kitchen, in a large house in a dignified square at the Hove end of Brighton, is his temporary office: it is long and light-filled with a vast wooden table, and there is a piano outside in the hall.


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