Latoya jackson dating

Lots of people, all of it.” Michael’s 58-year-old sister, soft-spoken and sweet, also let us try on the whopping 17.5-carat engagement ring Phillips gave her on the show, after flying to Las Vegas to ask permission from family patriarch Joe Jackson.But while La Toya was open about love, career and being from perhaps the most publicized musical family ever, she remained mum on the Gloved One.

We've gone roller skating, but not just with me - I think (friend) Kathy Hilton was there, my brother Michael was there, my sister (Janet) was there.

Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books and Ja-Tail Publishing Company, details in depth and personal accounts on how a once naive and sheltered child star managed to escape a world of torment, isolation, and trauma. COM, La Toya remembers her journey from hell and back, "I was embarrassed letting people know that I was treated this way­­—embarrassed to let people know that I was locked in closets and doors were closed on me, and just the beatings I endured." But now this Jackson daughter is starting over.

Read on for an exclusive look at the first two chapters of PROLOGUE I never believed I would survive to write a second book, but by the grace of God, here I am.

My ex-manager, Jack Gordon, made me publish the book and speak out against my will in its pages, just as he forced me to marry him in 1989, and made me make so many career moves that were contrary to my wishes and beliefs.

For almost a decade, Gordon controlled me with a campaign of brutalization and manipulation, beating me several times a week, threatening my life and the lives of my family members, and proving he had the mob ties to carry out his most violent promises.


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