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The douchification of the Meatpacking District and the West Village Maybe it was bound to happen due to the economic surpluses of pre-2001, but those surpluses allowed Samantha Jones to move to Meatpacking and Carrie and Miranda to stuff their faces with Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and tromp around the West Village.With the ladies of came careening tour buses, gaggles of fratboys puking outside Hogs & Heifers and rows of women linked at the elbows mowing down pedestrians.Now this part of town is sealed off from the rest of the city with a facade-like glaze of a TV-show set.

Matchmaking maven Amy Laurent has built an empire in New York City by bringing perfect matches together all thanks to “The Rules.” But when an old flame comes back to town, she struggles to follow her own advice.Julia enlists a love coach to help erase her bad dating habits, while Emily visits her family in Michigan and goes out with her fifth-grade crush, David. Her book was published by Penguin Books and she followed it up with an additional two works.It is believed that they went on their honeymoon in Dubai. Dorsey is the co-founder of Twitter and Square Inc., each of which are billion dollar companies.The relationship between Greer and Dorsey is considered to be on and off but the latest rumors are that they are back on again.Meanwhile, Emily reluctantly goes on a date with one of her radio show guests, rapper Ray Luv.


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