Jimmy kimmel dating coworker

Every talk show host on TV is no doubt sweating a few bullets hoping their past workplace dalliances stay in the closet – or, like Jimmy, they’re going to be proactive and go with the full disclosure PR plan.

The television appearance, which was rescheduled after Trump pulled out of a prior scheduled appearance, gave the GOP candidate a chance to explain some of his more outrageous policies.

Of course, Jimmy isn’t immune to being tempted by other women – he was married when he met former girlfriend Sarah Silverman.

Hillary Clinton was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, so of course he had her read some outrageous Donald Trump quotes while trying to keep a straight face.

I try to stay away, but when a woman says something like that, it becomes "fact" in everyone's mind. And this -- and her reaction to your rejection -- says everything you need to know about her.

We told you all the way back in July 2008 that Jimmy Kimmel had his eye on an attractive young writer on his show.


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