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Of course, we should also strive to facilitate their learning, encourage their critical thinking, and improve their communication skills.Pop culture provides an ideal medium with which we can achieve these goals.Our students are captivated by the characters, storylines, and gossip provided by pop culture (television, movies, magazines, books, sports, music, advertisements, and the Internet).They always seem more engaged when we incorporate examples and analogies from popular culture into our lectures.The posters were produced with a dual purpose: to entertain... Colignon, Chikako Usui The widespread migration of civil servants to high-profile positions in the private and public sectors is known in Japan as amakudari, or "descent from heaven." Recent media stories associate the practice with corruption as the former officials seek... Caraway Despite the massive influx of women into the labor force as a result of globalization, the gender inqualities at work have remained largely unchanged.

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In accordance with these observations, I believe that pop culture references can be used as an effective pedagogical platform and have the potential to reshape the approach taken by many professors to teach introductory biology. Many students find their first college biology class intimidating, confusing, or boring, and as a result, fail to retain much information or express an educated opinion on these topics.Watching these scenes, Park wondered if women fear that they can't excel in math and science fields and also experience love.Park is now an assistant professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Buffalo.These frustrated students go elsewhere to learn more about the biological topics that interest them.Based on national polls (Media Central, 2000), college students are much more likely to use the Internet to retrieve information than go to the library.Participants were asked to make guesses about unfamiliar target individuals' preferences for various items after looking at their faces for 3 s.


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