Internet dating assault

The victim was taken to hospital in unstable condition but was later upgraded to stable."The victim in this case is very fortunate," Skrabek said. We don't know whether he would have been able to get to a hospital, whether he would have gotten treatment." She wouldn't say where exactly the alleged assault was broadcast.A full 85% of victims are women, while 25% of the male victims were between the ages of just 15 and 19.Surprisingly, suspects in these cases were less likely to have a previous conviction on their criminal record than other people convicted of raping strangers."We had somebody on social media who saw the video, who actually recognized where the video was being recorded ... They were able to find the victim and get him the medical attention he required." Skrabek said investigators were still working out the details of the crime that occurred Saturday inside a home, including a motive and any connections between the people involved.

The unidentified man was lucky that someone watching the livestream called police, who got to the scene while the suspects were still there, police said Tuesday. "When (officers) arrived, the suspects were still there.

This page is an attempt by me to organize the vast majority of online dating related statistics and facts available on the Internet.

Almost every week there seems to be a new statistic produced that tries to top the last one.

The live video was watched by 40 people, none of whom called police, according to media reports.

The girl's mother later told The Associated Press that friends of her daughter sent her screen-grab photos of the attack, which she then brought to police.


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