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Everything we see, hear, and experience is our teacher.

The more we enjoy what is being taught the more we are open to learning.

So you see, this is how we know it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to ALWAYS get even numbers when you simply have no control over the lives of ticket holders and what situations they face on the day.

If they guarantee that every event is even, then something smells fishy… However one way to guarantee even numbers is to have what’s called “seat fillers” on the go ready to fill the odd seat.

), that are considered these huge sex symbols and are number 1 on every ‘hot list.’ Oh boy… I knew that sooner or later this question would come up and I would have to answer it.

There is no reason why other companies wouldn’t also use “seat fillers”.

Making a Sincere Apology Showing You're Sorry by Being on Your Best Behavior Being Respectful Community Q&A At some point in your life, whether as a kid, teen, or young adult, you are going to do something stupid that makes your mom or dad mad, but this article is about making your mom forgive you.

Sometimes, a simple apology won't work, and you need to work a little harder to earn your mother's forgiveness.

At our events for example, we have had people cancel 1 hour prior to an event for the most random reasons like “car accident”, “trains are cancelled”, “I’m sick”.

A few times we’ve even had guests simply not show up on a ticket!


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