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The latest results of the largest survey on sexuality in the Netherlands reveal that Dutch women enjoy sex less than men, the number of people that seldom have sex has increased, women are using contraception less frequently, and transgendered people cannot always count on acceptance from their Dutch countrymen.

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Since 1 April 2014 it has been easier for a co-mother to become the legal parent of her female partner’s child.

As a conversation expert, I am delighted to see Plenty of Fish revive this topic and place importance on it." POF Brings Art of Conversation Back to U. Singles The timing of the study aligns with Plenty of Fish's increased focus on conversation as the true measure of dating success.

As the leader in conversations, with over a billion to-date, POF today launched "Spark", a new in-app feature that enables a user to easily initiate a conversation.

Before that date, this was only possible through a legal adoption procedure.

Now the co-mother can become the child’s legal parent without recourse to the courts.


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