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At first, the guy and the girl are scared to kiss, and then they’re scared to go to second base, and then to the third.

Once they get past that, life gets a bit manageable and both of you start to open up with each other.

It’s time to end all the fear, frustration and hopelessness over when and how you’ll find Mr Right.

I’ll help you stop making the dating mistakes that drive good men away so you can start creating the love life you deserve.

The body exploration is followed with drunken hangovers and awkward moments like untimely burps and dirty underwear.

And then comes the first snore which is quite funny. This is a difficult barrier to break, farting in front of a lover, and don’t we all know this.

The news of their split came to the spotlight when Charlie recently shared a picture on Instagram that read Single and unavailable.

The interesting thing is that there are some very attractive single women around.

Ok..she’s always home from 8pm so you know when to call, she hardly hang out with the girls, no clubbing..although this doesn’t apply to all.

Some still find a way to ‘catch fun’ without limits especially if their kid isn’t permanently with them or they have good support system in place.

Shaheer Sheikh on his breakup TV actor, Shaheer Sheikh who has been away from the small screen recently made headlines for his breakup with his Indonesian singer girlfriend, Ayu Ting Ting.

However, the news reports about his break-up were not confirmed till sometime back but looks like the Navya actor has finally opened up about his break-up.


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