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many of the chat services in those regions were unsupervised and free.

though many regions of the world will be affected, microsoft will continue to offer free, unsupervised chat rooms for msn subscribers in countries such as the united states, canada, and japan.

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It would be nice to have a time when people could come in and get specific writing help. " but like, "I have a problem with x." Something like picking out adverbs, showing vs. How about a regularly scheduled chat for all supernatural thriller fans and fans of urban fantasy and horror to just get together and chat about the topic in any way we want?

I'd also love to see more in the way of interviews (authors, agents, editors, the whole lot) and panel discussions.

Whether it’s a PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet — our site will show up beautifully. One book, perhaps one chapter, picked apart by writers, discussing the merits, the problems etc. With a rule not to pick books written by AW's (if known)... *There could be a prompt, like "why I hate my antagonist's guts" or "why I love my love interest so much". It's just a way to get people to try to get a bunch of regulars with a similar interest so we can have an actual live discussion as opposed to posting on a forum and waiting for people to respond. The real-time interaction you get in chat allows for discussions and brainstorming that you can't get in a forum. Here are some more ideas: *A regular, scheduled event, weekly perhaps, where the participants "speak" as their characters, not as themselves. I'd be willing to moderate if it was on a tuesday or thursday night. An organized chat is simply a date and time arranged for a live discussion on a set subject in the has announced that it will be closing its msn chat rooms in 28 countries.the official date for the services to cease is october 14th.Take them for a live sex show and experience intimate adult webcam fun.


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