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Your support and guidance has helped me to regain my health.

With diet and lifestyle changes, I am now cancer-free.

If there was a pump failure or major blockage in the city’s sewer system, it's not be hard to imagine what could happen.

All of the pipes would back up when an immovable material came through, creating a gigantic crisis that would threaten the health of all who lived in the city.

This is my second course and I found the instructors to be very bitter and hateful. I have a subject called healthcare and in this subject we are made to demonstrate before an instructor the things a health care provider does, like cleaning the ward, gloving, gowning, handwashing etc..

I just found out from the higher years that at the end of the semester we are supposed to demonstrate how to do a sponge bath and enema!

It's why there is a major "war" being waged on bowel cancer.During demonstration we are to pair off (by some type of name lottery) with some total stranger and let him/her strip you down and bathe you and then show the instructor your *** and insert a tube into it!If you don't do the demonstration the instrutor will make no hesitations in giving you a failing grade on the subject even if you aced the other demonstrations.For many years the only thing we knew about our bodies was that they needed fuel to function.Gradually we came to understand that it wasn't just how much we stuffed into our mouths but that certain foods performed specific functions to aid the body.I asked my friends in other nursing schools and found out that they had maniquins for these types of demonstrations. Isn't there a law against this or a government office I can complain to?


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