Employee dating the boss

A possible explanation for this is that being a leader requires much more responsibility in a job than being a boss, seeing as being the boss doesn't necessarily require going above and beyond to impress a superior.

While a boss is mostly concerned with outcomes, a leader feels responsible for the process of that outcome and the people who see it out.

Leaders are there to lead the team forward and to move together.

Bosses tend to give orders; they need their employees to listen and to obey.

This site is devoted to explaining this important legal concept.

If you take a few minutes to review the information contained here, you will not only be better equipped to analyze the employment situation that likely brought you here, but you will be better informed to make decisions about your future employment arrangements. A contract is formed when there has been an offer by one party, and an acceptance of the terms of that offer by another party.

As such, he decided not to take any risks in life while he now lives with her so as to provide her with what he considers at least a more reliable life.

On the other extreme is Vince Downey, who lords an air of superiority over his fellow employees as the store's head cashier.

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The employer offers to pay a set amount for a given service, and the employee accepts. So, if you are working for someone else, first understand that you have a contract.

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When a young, energetic employee joins a public relations firm with an introverted and severely misunderstood boss, she makes it her life’s mission to show the world who he really is.

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Slacker Zack Bradley works as a box boy at Super Club, a warehouse club store.


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