Donald faison dating minka kelly

Evans had previously dated actress Jessica Biel, who appeared with him in the films "Cellular" (2004) and "London" (2005).

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18 at one of the three Max and Dylans restaurants in Boston.

He reprised his roles in the television series of the same name.

He then appeared as Tarik on Waiting to Exhale and also appeared in New Jersey Drive.

Derek Jeter (2008-2011)- Known for his fame as an American baseball player, Derek Jeter began dating Minka in May of 2008. Before becoming a successful actress, Minka was approached by an agent who said she could be a Playboy model if she had plastic surgery for her breasts, lips and teeth.

They had previously dated in the past, so the relationship quickly became serious. To afford the procedure, Minka began working as a nurse in trade for plastic surgery.


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