Dinner for six dating

In California, they have moved on to vegan speed dating.

Here in Ireland, singles’ supper clubs, speedy quiz nights, regular table-to-table speed dating, salsa for singles and singles’ countryside walks are appearing on social calendars in towns and cities.

Making a decision about who a person is from a few lines and a photo is certainly a way to meet people but its not the only way and getting back to a conversation over dinner is an alternative choice we are excited to offer.

Bring a friend Ideally, if you come along with a friend rather than solo, your friend will be of the opposite gender to you, it’s only fair if the other guests bring someone for you to meet, that you take someone for them to meet!

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We organise you into a dinner for six party, three single men and three single women in your age and social group for a relaxed dinner at a restaurant in the inner Melbourne suburbs. Want all the latest Melbourne events and activities straight to your inbox?

The group numbers will be small enough that you will still have the opportunity to meet each person attending and get to know them.

Getting back to talking to real people We think its time to get back to some face to face meeting instead of checking out people in 2D.

Our Singles Dinner Parties were introduced especially for those who wanted to take a slower and more sophisticated approach to dating.

Spending a little more time with their ‘dates’ as they move around the table to chat.


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