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Carla admits that many Thai women practice obvious discrimination or even racism in their search for a foreign lover.'I spoke to a black African American who had met and settled with a Thai girl from Sakhon Nakhon province which is in Isaan.He indicated that he experienced resistance from some Thai women online.This American persevered and his Thai wife or partner, who now lives in America with him, is shocked at even her own attitudes prior to meeting her husband and living in a cosmopolitan community in America,' she says.Khon is a complex Thai classical dance usually performed only at royal functions, with a history dating back hundreds of years.The masked dance drama is the most refined of Thai theatre forms, requiring strict training from childhood, and combines music, martial arts, painting and elaborate costumes.

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'The prevailing modern culture in Thailand has meant that a sizeable but independent minded proportion of Thai women are interested in meeting foreign partners preferably white men from affluent countries,' says Carla Boonkong, a magazine writer in Bangkok.

Currently white male caucasians account for 55% of users on international dating sites seeking Thai women.

Blog about sightseeing, public transport and gay life in Thailand. May contain explicit description of homosexual activities and strong language as a stylistic means.

It will allow participants to explore the various performance roles, and exchange ideas with the highly skilled performers themselves.

Held at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre on Wednesday, 30 August from 2pm, the event is free of charge, but places are strictly limited and registrations are essential.


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