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MASON GORDON: Somewhere along the way I became the patron saint of misfit sports. If you’re built for that, then yeah you might you might be able to make a sport.

Somebody came and pitched me a baseball with two mounds and two batters boxes and the whole idea was it was fast. An over-the-top full-contact version of basketball … LISA: Mason considers himself one of those people who’s built for it.

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Markus Frind, 36, is the founder and CEO of the Vancouver-based Plenty of Fish.

Frind told Business Insider he started Plenty of Fish in 2003 "as a way to improve my résumé." "At the time there was a new programming language called ASP.

Niniane Wang (co-creator of Google Desktop and former CTO of Minted), Leiti Hsu, and Susan Ho (co-founders of Journy) are stating for the record that Caldbeck had made unwanted advances towards them, including sending sexually suggestive text messages, trying to incite sex, even groping one of them inappropriately. Caldbeck tried to sleep with her while she was being informally recruited for a tech company, asking about her dating history instead of business, moving closer to her so that she was forced to be touching his body at all times, and even pressuring her to let him sleep at her apartment (which she declined).

Ho received text messages from Caldbeck in the middle of the night asking for a hookup, and when she ignored him until morning to politely offset his unwanted advances, he continued to inappropriately push for further sexual interaction.


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