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(See also LOVE.)close as the bark to the tree Intimate, close; interdependent, symbiotically related, mutually sustaining.The phrase is used particularly of the closeness between husbands and wives.During the Second World War, a civil war broke out in Yugoslavia between the Croatian Ustashe, Serbian pro-monarchist partisans, or "Chetniks," and communist partisans, led by Josip Brosz Tito.After the war, the communist Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was founded.Salt, as it is used in this phrase, symbolizes hospitality, probably because it once was of considerable value, (cf. The first OED citation given for this expression is dated 1382in glove See CONSPIRACY.hobnob To be chummy, familiar, or intimate with; also, hob and nob.This expression originated as hab-nab ‘have or have not,’ ‘give or take.’ Shakespeare employed this early sense in Twelfth Night: The ‘give or take’ sense of this expression was subsequently extended to include the exchange of toasts as a sign of comradeship.

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The analogy assumes that spouses interrelate in the interdependent, mutually nourishing patterns characteristic of the relationship between a tree and its bark.

See also go between the bark and the tree, [someone’s] salt To share someone’s food and drink, to partake of someone’s hospitality.

He also decided to abolish the country's historic regions and drew new internal boundaries for provinces, or banovinas, that avoided all historical and ethnic lines.

Alexander I's plan failed and when, in April 1941, Axis troops conquered Yugoslavia; many of its citizens didn't mourn its passing.


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