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That is probably why we seldom write great tributes to it, as the ancients did.) To solve this translation problem, it may be necessary to insist on using the Greek word instead of any of the misleading English translations, even at the risk of sounding snobbish or scholarly, so that we do not confuse this most important thing in the world with something else in our minds, and consequently risk missing it in our lives.There is enormous misunderstanding and confusion about it today.I live in Toronto, but love NYC like no other and dream of living there. You can reach me at [email protected]*name: chloe--breed: yorkie poo--born: sept 24, 2007--personality: the best dog ever, 100% ball of love, lap dog, eats treats like she's been starving for 3 months, loves long walks, parks, licking your face and meeting new people!see, very shortly after we moved in here, we knew we loved this place - the unit, the location, the building itself, etc.Tender, feminine, very lively, faithful, down-to-earth, open, stylish, tactful, curious, purposeful, romantic, creative, generous, educated, a bit demanding, fit, caring, energetic, charming – this is the very truth about me! I love sport activities, reading, music, travelling, driving my car, nature, laughter, arts, fashion, history – just everything positive and beautiful!I mostly enjoy spending my time with my friends and all my closest. Honest, brave, cheerful, optimistic, well-mannered, caring, strong and active – this is what I want you to be. Love can certainly be manifested in those ways, for sure, but the real definition of love is that you want the absolute best for someone.

Envoy Magazine The Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey College, Summer 2010 NO SUBJECT IS MORE IMPORTANT, IN any day. Most mature people, if asked to choose just one word for the meaning of life, life's greatest value, the most important gift one can give or receive, the thing that makes us the happiest, the thing that makes one a saint, the supreme wisdom, and even the eternal inner life of God, would say that it is "love." And they are right.In Christian theology, we are told to love our enemies (Matthew ), so therefore, we as committed Christians should desire the absolute best for everyone, even those we can’t stand. That would be eternal happiness in heaven with Jesus Christ.And Jesus showed us all that love requires personal sacrifice on our part for that to happen, whether it’s by martyrdom, monetary sacrifice, time sacrifice, prayer sacrifice, or the sacrifice of just being there for someone when you would rather be elsewhere.Paul identifies "the justice of God" in Romans with the most apparently unjust event in all history: deicide, or the murder of God, the crucifixion; for that was God's great act of love. Lewis's unpretentious little masterpiece is the greatest thing in the world.On our part, that was the most unjust, evil, and hateful thing we ever did; but on God's part, that was His perfect justice, because it was perfect love, and so good that we call the holiday on which we celebrate this murderous deed "Good Friday." But no word is more misunderstood in our society than the word love. And part of the Gospel, the "good news," is that it is available to us; that Christ is the plug that connects us to the infinite supply of divine love-electricity. (Interestingly, we no longer usually classify friendship as one of the loves.I've got a great little dog named Chloe, and an awesome boyfriend, too.


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