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This massive shift in how people read has been changing the publishing industry, but ...

While most Christians want to read their Bibles regularly, we often fall short of integrating Scripture reading into the daily rhythm of our lives. I’m too caught up in the now to worry about what has to be done tomorrow. High in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah stands a magnificent aspen forest.

We rely mostly on Christian “professionals”—pastors and popular Christian teachers—to ... For some reason, pregnancy launched me into a preparatory nightmare. If you could visit that place today, you would be amazed by the beauty and abundance of life beneath that golden canopy.

It encompasses the religion, philosophy, culture and way of life of the Jewish people.Alford was a Calvinist, conservative and premillennial, though not dispensational. He takes a literal interpretation of the thousand years in Rev. 20 and has a famous quote there, is strong on sovereign election as in Ro , 30 and 1Pe 1:2, but, unfortunately, holds to baptismal regeneration in such texts as Titus 3:5 and John 3:5. Fundamental attitudes of Christian maturity (1 Peter 5:5-14) 1. He shows a great knowledge of the Greek text and faces problems of both a doctrinal and textual nature." (Commentaries for Biblical Expositors: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works) John Piper writes ""When I’m stumped with a...grammatical or syntactical or logical [question] in Paul, I go to Henry Alford. Almost all of us have at sometime wondered if meeting our departed ancestors and loved ones is possible in the afterlife.


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