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Hosted by his brother, Prince Harry, at a country estate, the party included Will's close friends James Meade, Thomas van Straubenzee, and Guy Pelly.With the dawn of the sexual revolution in the 1960s, women claimed their own night of "farewell-to-singlehood" revelry.One thing I’ve been particularly interested in is, given all these pressures, how do two cultures mesh themselves together to create an event that both parties, both families and both pairs of mothers are equally pleased with? I mean, you may have been planning your wedding in your head your entire life, but you may not have accounted for the fact that you were going to fall in love with an American, of all people. Let’s pick out the best traditions of both to create the perfect blend. On the one side, too much extravagance will cause a British person to turn up their nose in disgust, and on the other, if it feels too stiff to an American, no one will have a good time. Where to hold the wedding You can’t have a wedding without a place, and that’s typically the first decision to be made. American venues, as in most things American, the bigger the better.I’ve seen everything from brides and grooms renting out an entire museum in Chicago to an entire country club in Baltimore to changing venues midway through the day in Laguna Beach.But the requirements don't stop there—the 1701 Act of Settlement prohibits royals from marrying Catholics.To wed the Queen's eldest grandchild Peter Phillips in 2008, Autumn Kelly converted from Roman Catholicism to Anglicanism so her husband would keep his place as 11th in line for the throne.

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A title holder could (but rarely did) marry beneath him. Younger aristocratic sons, however, could be cut off completely if they married a woman from the lower classes.Special permission may be granted for out-of-parish weddings.Since the Church of England Marriage Measure 2008 and Marriage (Wales) Act 2010, the right to marry in a church was extended to churches that their parents or grandparents were married in or if they were baptised or confirmed in it.However, royals whose marriages were arrangedas was the Prince Regent's participated in the selection and rejection of proposed suitors.English royals typically married those born to other Protestant European royal families.Soon after Will and Kate's engagement was announced, officials from Buckingham Palace said the Queen was "absolutely delighted" for the couple, which can only mean she approved of Will's choice.


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