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To file for divorce in Louisiana, parties have the option of filing either a grounds-based divorce or a no-fault divorce.Louisiana laws regarding the "grounds," or reasons, for the divorce vary depending on the type of marriage and whether a spouse wants to allege some sort of wrongdoing.Marital misconduct can encompass a wide variety of actions, including adultery and cruelty.During the proceedings, the fact that a dating spouse is already separated will be noted, but that does not necessarily mean the circumstances of the new relationship will not be considered.To file for divorce in Louisiana, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for a minimum of one year.The divorce petition must be filed in the parish where the couple last resided together.

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The good news, however, is that both of these actions have defenses that can be raised in court.North Carolina law still permits an action for “alienation of affection” against a third party whom the plaintiff feels is responsible for ending the marriage.Even if you did not begin dating someone until after the date of separation, a suspicious former spouse may see the new boyfriend or girlfriend as the cause of the marriage’s end and bring a court action.If you have questions about how an uncontested divorce in Louisiana works, please call us toll free at 1-800-680-9052 Mon.- Fri. We provide unlimited support for all of our customers through our Louisiana Divorce Online Help Center.We take great pride in being able to respond to our customers in a "human" to "human" approach (as you can see, we do not hide our toll free number 1-800-680-9052).Under North Carolina General Statute 50-6, a couple must be separated for one year before a divorce is final.


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