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A magician meets an eccentric girl and offers her to work together in his magic show.

It is only until a year later that he starts to know her personally and develops a feeling towards her despite her own problems.

Sherlock Holmes meets Cyrano de Bergerac in this candied romantic comedy.

With short episodes and series duration, Dating Agency: Cyrano doubles as a perfect marathon drama.

Til now, i can get over yet the "Kill me/Heal me" and the "She was pretty". Just hoping there would be a sequel of the She was pretty. She is my favorite Korean actress also, after watching a few Korean drama. She was pretty was awesome too but I loved the other dramas better. ur drama kill me heal me was my first but it was enough for me to fall head over heels with ur acting skills,thus provin that u aint jus ! you are very very good actrees amazing you make me cry so mush in secret and i watch you in kill me heal me and you are amazing but still best in secret and you are brillient in sad romance look farward your next drama hope you worh again with ji sung opaaa I just want to say that you are great actress, i loved you acting in Secret, i cried and laughed with you, your acting makes me feel your emotions and waouh you and ji sung are the best pairing couple, so bad both of you are already engaged with someone else, i ship you guys so baddd especially when i saw the final kiss scene of Secret...i hope i can see more of your projects, KMHM was a good change after deep dramas as Secret or Endless love...i would like to see you pairing one day with So Ji Sub oppa or Lee min ho Can you please next act in a drama where you are a rich daughter of a chaebol who's also a fashionista, badass, cool and intelligent?

I'll wait for your new drama and I hope to see you with long hair playing opposite Choi si won after his compulsory military service. you are such a cute,beautiful, pretty,talented,singer,actress,. there is no word can't tell who really you are are the goddess of all the goddess of beauty. i had be hoping too much if i ask it to be with ji sung-sshi, but wuldnt dat be just awesome!! you are seriously very good actress in korea..of them had nice ratings as actress in korea but they don't know how to act properly.but,you are too good in the way of acting and you look nice.i love ur character in secret superb..also in kill me heal me great.

Since each case aims to jump start relationships read more for supporting characters (often depicted by famous guest stars), various romances are sketched out.

I definitely recommend this drama to anyone who still has not watched it... @xxxxxx The drama team have already mention that "Patahnya Sebelah Sayap" were based on this drama. By the way, I want to let you guys know that there is a Malaysian drama, plagiarism this Secret drama. Go and search for Patahnya Sebelah Sayap synopsis and compare with Secret. Also, I love it that the leads have also done their best, they didn't just bank on their good looks like other actors are doing. I guess I really love it when chaebol fall in love with the woman he hates at first... Jisung character is strong in this drama but I do think I love him more in HMKM. The story is nice with great actors and actresses especially Ji Sung, Hwang Jeung Eum, Bae So Bin and Lee Da Hee. And Good Doctor have better rating, meanwhile secret is overrated drama like dramabeans said.

Perhaps you should check your facts first before harboring any slander like this. I have to download this and add to my K drama files. The woman that seems pitiful but so strong in love.. Great acting from all the actors and actresses, and shout out to the writer of this drama.. Eventho there are 7 personalities in HMKM, he nailed it. The most special thing that I learned from watching this drama is "How power the Love is. This 4 characters actings are perfectly well and great. End Secret love is the best Korean drama in 2013 I ever watched!!!!!!!!!

All seems to go according to plan until we find out that Byun Hoon, the leader of another agency, read more While romance is not always the main occupational hazard at most jobs, conniving and plotting co-workers can be.

Here are some interesting lines of work we see leading and supporting characters cast in.


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