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Instead, Invisible Boyfriend has partnered with companies that allow them to scale its workforce to respond to incoming text messages.In other words, Leo isn't one human — he's several.My Invisible Boyfriend is named Leonardo Di Caprio.His interests include the environment, Titanic and tiny cars. Leonardo (or Leo, as he's known on my phone) is a digital sweetheart I created through a new app, Invisible Boyfriend.As you make your way through 35 progressive levels of gameplay, your date becomes closer to you, more attached and intimate. You can take him out to dinner and a show, or just netflix and chill on the sofa.

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Build, create and explore pocket edition of the world!

A game where you can have a boyfriend in a blocky world!

A great dating game with a creative mode and adventure mode!

Per a promotional flyer, the company's tagline is “Believable Social Proof," meaning that Invisible Girlfriend can help you convince other people that you are actually in a relationship.

The Valleywag headline, not entirely surprisingly, called Invisible Girlfriend “The World's Saddest Service Ever."My first thought was that there did seem to be something a little “sad" about Invisible Girlfriend—thought maybe not sad in the sense of “pathetic," which is what the Valleywag author seemed to be suggesting (I'd figure out exactly why I thought it was sad later, when I tried it).


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