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He has become the gold standard for our collecting pastime for visionary thought and expression through word and camera. Of course, we’re all online and read his blog A Passion For Pipes with enthusiasm.His website is an excellent resource, and anyone interested in Comoy pipes would be well advised to have a look. The foreground pipe is a Comoy's Virgin Briar, shape #386, sporting a nicely cut hexagonal bowl. The upper pipe is an old Extraordinaire, shape #499, while the foreground pipe is a 60s era Tradition in shape #440.In the background can be seen a magnum sized Comoy Sandblast Extraordinaire, shape #804 - truly a remarkable pipe. Because this pipe isn't anything out of the ordinary. It's typical, and I wanted the review to present fairly what these pipes are, not just what they can be.

It is quite light considering the amount of silver it is sporting. In front of it is a standard sized Tradition in the author shape, #256. Sandblast #342, a dead ringer for a Dunhill LB shape. Stamped in a circle, “Made in England” with block lettered COMOY'S, putting this pipe's manufacture in the late 1940s or early 1950s as near as I can tell. Much the same can be said of the photography and complementary graphic design of the book- brilliant! Beautifully composed, it is also artistically constructed of the finest printing materials.From heavy-coated stock for its 168 pages to hardcover binding and dust-jacket, the finished product is as much a pleasure to the hand as it is to the eye. A group 5 in very good condition, with slight wear on the inner rim and one tooth mark onthe bottom of the stem. This is one of Bill Taylor's beauties and will stand in commemoration of his talents and his legacy to us.


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