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The Druze of Israel embrace a unique belief in co-existence and peace loving nature, they realize that one of the very few places in the Middle East where they would be able to freely practice their faith and live as free people would be in the Jewish State of Israel.I caught up with some of the visiting Israeli Druze to chat with them about their lives as minorities living in Israel and the current security issues average Israelis of various faiths face today.One last update I wanted to share with you is that is currently on sale through Proverbs 31 Ministries for a special release day price of !But the deal is today only so be sure to get your copy by clicking here.While they visited several Southern California area universities and groups to discuss their lives as free minorities living in Israel today, the local Iranian Jewish community warmly welcomed this Israeli Druze delegation. A.’s Iranian Jews love all of Israel’s peace-loving citizens.More importantly the visiting Israeli Druze delegation shed light on the fact that despite some outrageous inaccurate media reports, Israel is not an apartheid state and offers them, a religious minority, equal right under the law.

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The presentations are designed for students, post-doctoral fellows, other early-career investigators, stakeholders, and families interested in autism research. 15, 2016, by neuroscientist Tracy Bale, of the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, with an introduction by neurodevelopmental neuroscientist Donna Werling, of the University of California-San Francisco. This webinar is part of the Environmental Epigenetics of Autism Webinar Series co-organized by Autism Science Foundation, Autism Speaks and the Escher Family Fund for Autism.Autism Brain Net is dedicated to advancing the highest quality research on autism through the generous post-mortem donation of brain tissue from families affected by the disorder. Please hold while I do a happy dance which in reality is a cover up for all the nervous thoughts I’m currently having. Since it’s always good to have friends around you in times like these, I wanted to see if you’ll be joining me online for the hold while you do your own happy dance.Speaking in a webcast from the Hague, Mr Guyt said: “If we don't intervene soon, this sinister phenomenon will totally run out of control.” Describing webcam paedophilia as a “cottage industry”, he said: “It's still not too late.“Our worst scenario is that the same thing will happen with this as has happened with child pornography - that is now a multi-billion dollar industry in the hands of criminal gangs.” During a demonstration last Monday, one of the researchers logged into a public chat room as Sweetie - identifying himself by her purported age, gender and country of origin.It grants you an exclusive inside look into the career path, lessons learned, and personal advice from top mentors and experts — right from the comfort of your home.


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