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This legislative weakness kept the government from getting a budget expansion needed to cover an USD57m principal and interest payment to local pension funds, leading to the country’s first default in more than twenty years.

When new recruits join the brutal Mara Salvatrucha gang in El Salvador, seasoned members haze the newcomers by beating them in a harrowing ritual.

Many of the dead in El Salvador's current epidemic of murder are gang members themselves."Since we were children, we have witnessed these scenes--scenes that never end, that come every day.

There are deaths, bodies thrown out, decapitations," says Marvin González, 32, who leads a faction of Mara Salvatrucha in the town of Ilopango, a few miles east of the capital, San Salvador. It's a war without sense."Since González was released from prison in 2012, he has tried to end this so-called war, working on reaching and maintaining a truce with the rival Barrio 18 gang.

With the budget deficit remaining close to subdued 3% of GDP in 2017, the country’s budget situation will remain fragile.

Given the growth rate and the weakness of investments, the possibility for the government of using its fiscal options to increase revenues is limited.

The initiation is said to symbolize a recruit's commitment to what they call his new family.

It also prepares gang members for the dual roles they will face going forward, that of both victimizer and victim.

In 2017, growth will stay moderate, reaching 2.3 %, as in the first quarter (Yo Y).Moreover, consumption suffers from high criminality, but benefits from both increased remittances from workers abroad and low inflation, even if it is increasing since February, The limited purchasing power of households, the lack of natural resources, together with corruption and criminality, will continue to limit private investment.In terms of sectors, growth is likely to be sustained, as in 2016, by manufacturing and agricultural production.Copyright 2012-2015 Russian Free website featuring russian woman & man searching for dates on the web.Hot, pretty russian guys and girls wanting to meet you.Italian photographer Patrick Tombola, who took the photographs on these pages, has been documenting this year's surge in bloodshed, spending time with the police, gang members and families on the front line.


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