Camp counselors dating

Your start date is the day you arrive at Camp Pinecliffe.Your end date is the day you leave camp for the season, after pm .Applicants are subject to Washington State background check.

Camp consists of a maximum of 8 campers and 1-2 staff members.If the boy you liked gave you one of his camp shirts, it was a BIG deal and you were basically dating the next summer. He can build a fire so he could keep you warm should you get stranded in the camp wilderness together. One of my boyfriends went to that camp but we were always in different sessions so one year he gave me his camp shirt after I got back from my session. Each volunteer position provides training and experience working with peers, group management, child safety, and more. All volunteers 18 and older MUST schedule a fingerprint background check at the Santa Clara County Office of Education.It may take up to TWO WEEKS to clear your prints and background check. Schedule a free appointment: 1290 Ridder Park Dr, San Jose CA 95131 Appointments are every 15 minutes, between 10am – 4pm, Tuesday through Friday.I went to an all girls’ camp, but there was an all boys’ camp across the river so we would do some events with them.


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