Big spender dating

If you don’t know, you better find out — especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Just because your flame is spoiling you doesn’t mean that he (or she) can afford it. And if not, does he possess the discipline required to throttle back on the spending pedal?

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So let me get right to the point I don’t pop my cork for every guy I see Hey Big Spender Spend, a little time with me [Break] Hey, I just bought a kangaroo and a leather jacket man I’m coming back to America swaggin' out Let's go [Verse 2: A$AP Rocky] Fuck that shit I'm too throwed, pretty nigga my jewels gold Pinky ring and my tooth gold, your main bitch is my new ho Boss nigga like Hugo, Rolex or the Hublot Niggas taking my Screw flow, they tryna jack it like new clothes Purple drank make me move slow, same shit, different day Spanish bitch, she sniffing yay, she say (Yuuup!If you start out with appreciation versus frustration, you’re well on your way to harmony in your marriage.[Hook] Good lookin', so refined Say wouldn’t you like to know whats going on in my mind?It’s taken us , but we’ve really come to appreciate the strengths that each other bring to the table. — the fact that if we didn’t have the other to help balance us out, we’d be really lopsided.So instead of getting frustrated that your husband likes to spend money, focus on the positive qualities he has and how his differences help bring balance to your relationship.I used to get frustrated when Jesse would go out and spend money on what I deemed “frivolous” or “extravagant” things.


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