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Women said the thing they enjoyed most about being single was not having to clean up after someone else (34 percent), while men noted they liked having the time and freedom to engage in hobbies and social activities they didn't get to in the past, Ehle told Huff/Post50.

These findings reflect a demographic shift owing in part to boomers' ever-rising divorce rate (more than 50 percent).

Look for that special someone at your workplace, family or friends, you never know what might happen.

From Katy Perry to Martin Shkreli, Tinseltown to Topeka, online dating is now the norm for singles across America.

Boomers are more likely than their parents' generation to experience divorce, to be currently divorced and to remain unmarried in midlife, according to a Bowling Green State University study.

The world of dating is completely different today than it was during the younger days of baby boomer singles.

The baby boomers dating scene today is a lot different than it used to be but that doesn’t mean baby boomer people can’t find someone they can share their time with.

The first step of getting back in the game is making sure you’re ready to play the game.More than half -- 56 percent -- of single baby boomers surveyed said they were open to the idea of dating, while 45 percent said they already were dating."There's always interest in companionship and dating," said Fred Ehle, vice president of brand management for Pulte Group, Del Webb's parent company.Though there are concerns of what this will eventually mean for boomers' health and safety as they get older, the study found single baby boomers reveling in being unmarried.Eighty-one percent of those surveyed said the best part of being single was having the freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want.“This is as compared to roughly 60 percent for all Match users.” This age group also represents triple-digit growth on some of the more "trendy" urban dating apps, such as Coffee Meets Bagel.


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