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But while Woodley seems to have found her rhythm in playing girls grappling with the encroachments of adulthood, she's not afraid to change up the beat.

In addition to , based upon the hit series of dystopian young-adult books by Veronica Roth.

Actress Shailene Woodley has figured out exactly how she’s going to sashay down the red carpet, and it’s pretty funny.

Posters and trailers for the adaptation of John Green‘s best-selling teen weeper do not shy away from showing Woodley’s character with an oxygen nose cannula, she noted.

“It reimagines the definition of female leads in film,” said Woodley, who is currently in theaters as an action hero in “Divergent.” It’s a project that was deeply personal to the rising star, one she said taught her to look at life differently and to recognize that “all is fleeting.” She joked she would have been a production assistant on the picture if it helped it make it to the screen.

Since then, she has worked nonstop, wrapping up explores the budding relationship between hard-partying, devil-may-care, high school senior Sutter (Teller), an alcoholic-in-training who is perpetually absorbed in the moment (to his repeated detriment), and straight-laced, rigidly bookish Aimee (Woodley), who finds Sutter passed out drunk on a front lawn and quickly becomes enamored with the fact that he is everything she is not.

Determinedly unglossy and awkward, but pitch perfect in its rawness, the movie offers a dark, occasionally funny, but intensely emotional window on both the innocence and the naïveté of young love—and all of the good and the bad that come with it.


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