Are courtney and austin from the biggest loser dating

Latest series: Ms Hibbard and other ex-contestants have claimed that competitors are kept prisoner in their rooms to stop them leaking storylines and even have their laptops 'bugged'.

Above, season 16 contestants Shocking weight loss: Last year, 5ft 4ins winner Rachel Frederickson sparked nationwide concern after losing 155 pounds in just months on the show.

He was sent home and came back, managing to stay on campus until the final four.

America voted to keep Irene in the competition, but Jay still lost an amazing 181 pounds.

They referred to themselves as the "Spice Girls of Tennis".

Her mother Alla (born 1963) had been a 400-metre runner.According to the publication, 'smitten' 26-year-old Tyson couldn't look away from his companion.And while Courtney, 29, is currently squaring off against him in the final four on the show, she didn't look concerned about that fact at all according to Woman's Day.Both Ms Mendonca and Mr Garner claim to be in contact with other former contestants from The Biggest Loser via a 'private alumni' Facebook group, which is how they know that they too have regained the weight they lost.Netting an estimated 0million annually in advertisement sales, the program boasts an average weekly viewership of seven million people, in a country where two-thirds of the population is overweight.The interviews follow a slew of recent allegations made by other former Biggest Loser contestants, including claims that participants are routinely kept prisoner in their rooms to stop them leaking storylines, have their laptops 'bugged' and are banned from calling home for six weeks.


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