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The Phrase "Virtual Sex Machine," "enhanced with Teledildonics," and the graphic representation of these words, are trademarks of Virtual Reality Innovations. Members of the media can contact us for approved use which will be provided immediately at no charge upon confirmation. No portion of this website may be used for any purpose without express written permission.That's a shame because having a sexual relationship is something that not only adds to our overall physical health, it is a major contributing factor to our happiness.The intimacy of two human beings, the caressing hands, the kisses, the titillating fact that you are completely nude with another person, is a beautiful gift.

Here you will find an exiled isolated and despondent Logan (Hugh Jackman) in a seedy motel close to the Mexican Border.

During this period, Logan is caring for an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart) with outcast Caliban (Stephan Merchant).

To make ends meet, he is reduced to picking up petty cash as a driver for hire.

You will experience a roller coaster of emotions through a rarely seen side of Logan.

The tough love between him and Professor X are continued (as played out in other XMen movies) on a grumpy, mature level. Although a little slow to evolve, their chemistry is explosive.


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