Amarok not updating collection

Putting all the needed functionality inside the media player would make it very bloated.So in theory I actually wouldn't need any tag editing at all in my music player (this could be a discussion in it's own merit: why don't we get rid of all tag editing functionality in all music players and use decent, separate utilities such as the Musicbrainz Picard tagger to tag your collection?My mix cd's (bought from stores) are coming up as multiple listings in the playlist for Albums despite them being the same album.The image shows two albums listed twice each (not songs listed twice, it's like the songs are split despite being same album.)Yes, I confirm. Some albums looks fine, and some (without any logic) - just like that.Managing Your i Pod Before we can start using an i Pod with Amarok, let’s make it’s the default player to manage your i Pod.When you plug in your i Pod, the following window will pop up. From the drop down menu select “Open with other Application” and from the Add Application window and select Amarok.The issue (in short) is this: Amarok does not group tracks from a multiple-artist album together.

It's impossible to connect to WIFI networks, as wicd client is running and automatically minimized to tray. and my KDE config directory spans from 4.0 and each version in-between.Install Amarok In case you don’t have Amarok, you can install it by dropping down to terminal.To open a terminal window click ALT F2 and type “gnome-terminal” (without quotes). In the terminal window, type the following command and wait a couple of moments while Amarok is installed.Expected behavior (as occurred in Amarok 1.4), is that these types of albums will be grouped together in the album view.ORIGINAL REPORT: Hi All, I have included an image for this one.In order of importance: (*): I absolutely love Musicbrainz and use it all the time but I don't think it is functionality to be put in a music player.


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