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"I tell him, 'This isn't your house; it's a bird house,' " Ouali says, laughing before quickly adding that husband Ali, an electrical engineer, is so kindhearted that "even the meanest birds just love him." Ouali rescued and found homes for 354 parrots, parakeets, and finches last year, and more than 3,000 birds since she started her nonprofit Jojo the Grey Adoption and Rescue for Birds in 2002 - the only parrot rescue in the Philadelphia area.Big, toy-filled cages that serve as parrot condos dominate her living room, dining room, and two bedrooms, while her office houses a quarantine cage for new arrivals awaiting veterinary exams. "I'll get birds that are mutilated with big wounds, broken wings, broken legs. and I think, 'OK, now it's my time to give them what they need.' " No matter how acute those needs, no parrots are turned away by Ouali, although she's severely allergic to cockatoo feather dander.

Fifteen Years Ago Blockbuster was at it this week in 2002 as well, finally eyeing competition from Netflix (still just a mailing subscription service at the time) and considering launching something similar, while the TV industry was fighting to try to make DVRs useless alongside the introduction of digital TV.The fair use text from the TPP was made public, and we discovered (with little surprise) that the US proposals were about weakening fair use, not strengthening it.Meanwhile, a leak of MPAA documents revealed their plans to use sock puppets to smear Richard O'Dwyer, the TVShack operator that the agency was trying to extradite from the UK.Proof of current CPR, payment of fee(s), and any additional documentation that may be requested. A: Your renewal is due the first day of the month of your expiration date.Your renewal form must be postmarked no later than the first day of your birth month (NOT your actual birthday) in order to avoid the assessment of late fees.We also enjoyed a three part series from Wired about the insane radio dominance of Clear Channel.


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